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Cyprus Citizenship

Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship

Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship for Non-Cypriot Citizens

Cyprus citizenship – and by extension full EU citizenship – entitles a person or persons, to live and work in Cyprus free of restrictions, together with the right to travel within the EU unhindered.

Cyprus’ low tax jurisdiction makes the country very popular with foreign individual entrepreneurs who are able to benefit from the advantageous personal and business tax environment. An individual can become a non-domiciled tax resident of Cyprus and enjoy the low tax rates on personal income taxation and corporate taxation for any company they may establish, among other benefits. This makes Cyprus one of the foremost countries to relocate to within the EU.

While the processes are relatively simple, they require careful and focused attention to detail. Fokas A. Sofroniou LLC is fully conversant with all regulations and criteria involved. Our team will gather all information and handle all documentation to move the process swiftly through the maze of government bureaucracy and deliver a timely and satisfactory outcome.

In addition, our firm assists clients who wish to acquire Cyprus citizenship through other ways: by naturalisation, through marriage to a Cyprus citizen, and because of their Cypriot origins.

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