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Company Law

Company Law

Companies face a range of regulatory hurdles, among others, compliance requirements, market challenges, shareholder obligations, tax considerations, and more.

 Fokas A. Sofroniou LLC maintains a hands-on approach when guiding clients through transactions of all types and offers a combination of regulatory and transactional expertise, characterised by a high degree of tax and financial sophistication and a negotiating style that targets success. Precise technical know-how is blended with specific industry experience to get transactions completed quickly, efficiently and effectively. Additionally, network of specialists in tax, intellectual property, real estate and executive compensation can be drawn upon to help clients find practical, innovative solutions to certain complex issues.

When dealing with company matters, it is imperative that the services of an experienced law firm are utilised. There are many details that can be easily overlooked, and representation without professional legal support, entails the risk of beginning a business or business relationship without sufficient protection of a person or business and their assets.

Fokas A. Sofroniou LLC has been providing effective legal advice and guidance to copmany owners for many years, and today the firm is respected for being knowledgeable, adept, and ethical.

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